Our Team

We are architects, designers, graphic artists and technophiles. We love cinema, video games, music and photography. We are always expanding our knowledge by learning and sharing ideas.

Our Clients

We have built quite a collection of clients in our 18+ years of trading. Most of our clients become regulars and we build fantastic working relationships with them. We have modelled Caribbean islands and filmed pop videos. Here are just a selection of people who rely on us.


A few answered questions about our architectural visualisation services.

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Blink Image were founded in 1998 by Dan Beinart and Richard Birket. With backgrounds in architecture, they were able to offer an in-depth understanding of their clients’ projects and what they were looking to achieve, and translate this into powerful imagery and film which helped them successfully realise their projects.


18 years on and with offices now in London and Oxford, the team work with a range of verticals, from prime residential in central London, to commercial, to industrial and logistics. Their approach is sophisticated: Blink Image think about your target audience and your overall project, focus on your objectives, and achieve exactly the visual you are looking for, through experience, technical skills and creativity. 

We are entirely familiar with the architectural design process. We know that designs evolve, that there are usually last minute changes, that deadlines are fixed and that budgets are limited. We have developed our production processe to be as flexible as possible and to work within your timescales and budgets. We always issue one or more draft versions to ensure that the entire design team is happy before final submission.

We ALWAYS hit your deadline.

We ALWAYS stick to our original cost proposal.

We ALWAYS go beyond our client's expectation.


We like bananas but we're not CAD monkeys!

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