A few quick questions answered

What's the process?

We can work from sketch designs to fully detailed drawings. Though each project is unique, and depends upon the nature of the project (planning/marketing/verification/photography etc), we typically create a detailed 3D model from this information. When the model reaches a sufficient level of detail, we will undertake a viewpoint option process where we set up simple but robust view options for you to choose from. The chosen view (adjusted if necessary) moves on to the first draft stage where additional detail is added, along with materials, lighting and entourage. This first draft is issued to the design team for comment and review.

Once comments have been received, we will continue image refinement, integrating any feedback before the next draft is issued for comment and review. This process is iterative, and we normally go through a couple of rounds of drafts before the image is signed off.

The final image is issued as a very high resolution image file suitable for use on the web, in printed brochure and on site hoarding.

How long does it take?

Again, each project is unique and we will give an estimate of completion time on request. We can work to 'crazy', impossible-sounding deadlines if necessary (we know an architectural design is often in a state of flux - our processes are as flexible as possible to allow for this) yet we always deliver: we would not undertake work that would prevent a deadline from being met.

If pushed, we'd say a 'typical' project of an 'average' complexity and of a 'normal' scale (you see where I am going with this??), giving enough time for the design team to comment on the draft stages, is around two to three weeks from commission. We can work to much tighter deadlines than this (three inner-city high-rise development images in 5 days for example!), but two to three weeks is about an average for a project.

We will discuss this with you, of course, before the project begins.

Why choose Blink Image?

Blink Image have been around for over 20 years - that's quite a long time in an industry such as this! When we began, we still had a drawing board in the office! We have A LOT of experience. We have worked on hundreds of projects of numerous scales and complexities. 

We are immensely passionate about what we do. We hope that this comes across in our commitment to your project.

We continually push ourselves and strive to improve our work with every single project.

We are not a 'click-render-job-done' architectural visualsation company!

There is no such thing as a mundane project. Each is a challenge, and we relish a challenge.

How much does it cost?

Ah - the tricky one! Every project is absolutely unique. We create detailed cost proposals, backed up with relevant case studies and appropriate samples for each brief we receive. The range of costs varies too widely to give any useful answer to this general question. It depends on the complexity of the project, the type of project, the number of images, whether photography is required, if verification is required, the available time...

Too many factors to generalise.

Whilst we may not always be the cheapest option, we strongly believe that our flexible approach to image production, our ability to take on the entire process (photography, surveying, communication with architects, interior designers, landscape architects etc), our draft review stages, our passion for your project and our ability to immediately understand the language of your scheme and create beautiful images that everybody on your design team is proud of gives complete value for money.

A small fact: on several occasions, we are approached by clients who have been severely let down by companies that offer the cheapest prices. This is either through poor quality, inflexibility or missed deadlines. Often the cheapest quotes do not allow for the inevitable design refinements that come with any architectural project, and the final bill is more than originally quoted.

What does Blink Image need?

We can (and have) created images from a scribble on the back of an envelope to a detailed set of construction drawings. We can work with hand drawn plans and elevations (sadly, quite a rare thing these days) or CAD drawings. We can use your own 3D model as a starting point (increasingly common) or from a verbal description and an appropriate precedent study. We have designed entire buildings that have helped a client market the BIM-capabilities of their software based on a conference call alone. We have created imagery of a Caribbean island from supplied photography (sadly, my request to do a site visit was denied!).

Our preference would be a set of AutoCAD drawings and perhaps a Sketchup design model.

In a nutshell, we can work from pretty much anything.

What to look for in a CGI

A term we often use in-house to describe a poor quality CGI is 'click-render'. If an image looks like there has been no fine attention to detail during post production (a process that can often be 50% of a Blink Image) or looks like the people are stuck on, we say this has probably been 'click-rendered' - basically, an artist has created a 3D model, slapped some textures on, stuck a light source in the scene and clicked the 'render' button.

One very tricky area that often lets an image down is the choice and placement of people. If they don't match the lighting or perspective quite right, the image just looks wrong.

When we create an image, we try to tell a story. That might be by the placement of people or the choice of lighting. It becomes more than just a picture of a building. It is about the atmosphere or the life that the building creates.

Composition is absolutely crucial to a successful image. As photographers as well as 3D artists, we know how to balance an image to engage with the viewer.

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