Virtual Reality’s time is coming.. (finally)

When Virtual Reality (VR) was last touted as the next big thing in the late 90s, expectations were so solidly dashed by unrealistic graphics, nausea-inducing refresh rates and unwieldy headsets that the whole concept vanished from view for the next 15 years. A massive pity particularly in Blink’s line of work where VR had such amazing potential.

It’s been extremely exciting therefore to see such renewed interest over the last couple of years, firstly with the development of the Occulus Rift and this year with the announcement of Sony’s Morpheus headset for PlayStation 4. We have been following developments very keenly. Everything suggests that VR’s time has come. check broken links . The technology which so held back the concept last time around is now more than capable of delivering the realistic graphics needed to create a truly immersive experience and we are champing at the bit to integrate it into our work.

The much-anticipated Occulus Rift II development kit is due to be released this September and ours is on pre-order. We can’t wait to put it through it’s paces and start exploring how it can deliver new and mind-blowing experiences of architecture for our clients.

Occulus Wired Magazine


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