Wireless camera control with Triggertrap

At Blink Image, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to assist and improve what we do: new software releases, new plugins, new processes, new hardware…the list goes on and on!

Photography is a critical component of architectural visualisation. We use a number of different cameras and lenses depending on the job: verified views (VVMs or AVRs) require precise optics and stable platforms; marketing shots often require more candid ‘street photography’; many of our images and animations require environmental photography.

Triggertrap has been a useful hardware/software tool to remotely control a camera. You can use a sound to trigger the shutter, a motion, shoot long exposures, shoot timed exposures…all from your smartphone device. Triggertrap Mobile now allows you to use your Apple Watch to take your shots (if you are one of the lucky few who has one that is!).

How ‘Star Trek’ is that?!

Trigger Trap mobile photography

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