Autumnal Colours

Autumn Colours

This time of year is one of our favourites. As the hues warm from bright greens to yellows, golds and reds, and the angle of the sun in the sky drops to create extended shadows, we see the world around us explode in an almost mind-boggling array of colour.

It is fair to say that the vast majority of our work is created in glorious summer sun: it is the safest bet. However, when Blink Image are commissioned to create a new CGI, we spend a good portion of the time at the early stages of it’s creation studying alternative viewpoints and sunlight positions. The obvious isn’t always the best. When the sun is closer to the horizon, the tones of the sky can become more interesting. The shadows created by the low sun can help exaggerate or define volume. We can use this to target the focus of the viewer on the more important parts of the scheme. Having one façade in strong sunlight and another in more diffuse shadow gives an image far more contrast and drama than simply drenching all elevations in harsh, direct sunlight: doing the latter can yield a very flat image.

Controlling the light is not the only tool we can use to define a vision for an image. Our work often includes a mix of real, photographic vegetation (trees, shrubs, flowers etc) and 3D rendered models of plants. If we don’t have the exact model of the tree in our extensive – and ever ‘growing’ – 3D asset library, we will model a new tree branch by branch, leaf by leaf. During this process, we have the opportunity to emulate the autumnal colours we are all seeing out of our windows right now. We do this by taking photographs of actual leaves, both front and back, and mapping them to the polygons that represent each leaf on the 3D model. Here is a snapshot of a current test image:-

Render of autumn trees

In the end, the choice of season and time of the day is with our client, but we help them by giving them options that they hadn’t necessarily considered at the point of commission. A marketing campaign can be finessed or tuned by the careful consideration of these elements: at Blink Image we thrive on the ‘craft’ in creating an image.


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