Halloween visualisation?

The Blink Image kitchen drawers were raided last week and the knives brought out for a not-at-all-competitive Halloween pumpkin carving challenge. The theme this year was, obviously (!),’Architectural Visualisation’. 24 hours to plan our ideas. 45 minutes carve. check broken links . In all honesty, I think some of us pre-planned a little more than others! So, with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the all-time Halloween favourite, ‘Monster Mash’ blaring out of the Sonos, the deadly serious carving challenge began.

In no particular order, creations included a New York cityscape, the Taj Mahal, The Tower of London and the Sydney Opera House.

We always try to think laterally and try out new techniques within our CGIs and animations. I think we really pushed the boat out this time! So, if any of our clients need a fresh, unique idea for their next property marketing campaign, pumpkin carving is just one new service we offer 😉

#fun #pumpkincarving