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A hugely important and growing element of what we do at Blink Image is the production of Verified Views. These have several different names – VVM, AVR, Surveyed Photomontage – but are all essentially the same thing: extremely accurate representations of a planned building or development set within a photographic background.

Blink Image have been creating verified views for many years for projects of all scales and complexities: from small house extensions in sensitive areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) to huge city centre redevelopments. Working closely with our survey teams, we have created a strict, tried and tested workflow that adheres to the guidance set out by The Landscape Institute to ensure that our processes guarantee accuracy in any image created. These projects are backed up by a full detailed production methodology that explains exactly what steps have been taken to achieve the results.

Blink Image Verified View / VVM / AVR

We can work to any level of detail required, including outline silhouette, hidden line, wireframe, shaded model right through to fully photoreal. Our 3D modelling and camera point survey point is carried out using AutoCAD to ensure pixel and millimetre level accuracy at all stages. Photography is carried out using the latest standards of camera bodies and lenses, from full frame to 645 frame film back.

We have created verified views from distances up to 10 miles away from a development right down to across the street. Projects have been perched on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea, buried deep in the heart of London or hidden away on the coast visible only by passing yachts.

Planning authorities are increasingly demanding accurate verified views for even the smallest of development proposals. You can rely on Blink Image to meet these demands and deliver exceptional results, guaranteed.

*Blink Image can provide the full package for VVM: photography, surveying, camera matching, image creation and full methodology statement.

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