Beau House – ‘fashion house’

We are proud to have one of our photorealistic images used as part of a Telegraph article discussing the importance of interior design within the luxury residential market.

Beau House – luxury living

This is just one of around 25 high end CGIs we created for a luxury residential development in central London. The developer, Dukelease, worked closely with Oliver Burns, Edward Philips and our own visualisation artists to design and create a series of beautiful lifestyle images that match the character and intended market of the development. Consideration was given to each and every component in every single room, and Blink Image created highly detailed 3D models of each and every item: beds, chairs, lights, sofas, ornaments, tables, desks, artworks…millions upon millions of polygons!

Although a number of these images had interior designs purely to convey the style on paper, others apartments were to be fitted out as per the designer’s vision. It was therefore absolutely critical that our CGIs matched the reality of the fabrics and furnishings as closely as possible. We referred to countless material samples to get the texturing and modelling detail just right.

Here are a tiny fraction of the samples we referred to:-

Glass jug

Fabric sample sheet

Fabric and hard surface board

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