18k cubic rendering is where it’s at!

Blink Image are deep in development for the virtual reality experience. With such cutting edge technology, the tools and techniques on offer are changing rapidly. Presently, we are developing for the Oculus Rift (DK2), Samsung’s GearVR and Google Cardboard-type devices (not to mention interactive desktop and smartphone devices).

Huge render dimensions for high quality VR experience

Unlike the ‘Rift’, GearVR allows wire-free experiences of virtual worlds. To create content for these sorts of devices, and to ensure the highest quality, render dimensions are through the roof! A few years ago, rendering for print was around 4000 pixels. Rendering animation and film was a measly 768×576 (PAL). Slowly but surely, HD came along, and then we began to render at these much larger resolutions: 720P (1280×720) and 1080P (1920×1080). Current 4K standards mean rendering at 4000 pixels: so each frame of an architectural walkthrough needs to be rendered at the same resolution we were rendering for brochure print only a few short years ago – and there are 25 of those renders for every second of animation!

So, 4k rendering is BIG, but to ensure the highest quality within a VR world, we are rendering at 18k. That’s 18000 pixels!

As we move into true 3D 360-degree video (animation and film), that is 25 renders, each at 18k for every second of animation. Its a staggering amount of data, but the results on GearVR and similar devices is also simply amazing.

If you are interested in our stereoscopic panoramic tours for your next design project, please get in touch. We can’t wait to show you what we can do to take architectural visualisation next to the next level.


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