Beautiful skies

Metallic Sky over Southwold

At this time of year - on a good day - the clarity in the atmosphere can be incredible - much more so than in the height of summer. In the UK, we are also blessed with the most interesting of skies.

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The choice of sky can change the nature of a CGI so much. Clients often understandably default to wanting a glorious, cloud-free blue sky in their marketing images. This can often be the right approach, but we do like to try alternatives and see which makes an image pop. For example, a particularly 'busy' or lively development may require an equally busy sky (with interesting cloud formations and details) to balance the composition. Alternatively a serene, calm development may require an equally mellow, wispy cloudscape. The correct sky can draw in the viewer and add immense depth to an image.

Constable Sky

Constable Sky

Our ever growing library of sky photographs helps Blink Image to find the best visualisation solution to every project. It is also a great opportunity to get out into the countryside and soak in the atmosphere.

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