Showreel from 2006

It's always interesting (and sometimes cringeworthy!) to compare old work with new. The things that we struggled with 10+ years ago can often be accomplished in an instant these days. Likewise, the challenges that we face today will no doubt be simple tasks in a couple of years time.

As software becomes 'cleverer', and computers ever more powerful, our creativity can develop at an even faster pace. For example, 10 years ago, we would need to leave our computers rendering overnight to get a full resolution render out of them - if a client wanted a last minute change, we had to think hard about how to make that change and still hit the deadline. Nowadays we can normally create a full sized 'base render' in under an hour (anything over that and I began to sweat!).

In the very early days of Blink Image, we couldn't even use raytraced reflections in many of our scenes as the computers of the time weren't up to it. We often had to fake reflections in post production. And you can forget about GI (Global Illumination)! We had to make use of something that we called 'The Dome of Lights' to simulate the sort of light that you get from a diffuse sky.

Those were the days!

I just came across our show reel from back in 2006. I'm still amazed by some of this work and recall some of the sleepless nights trying to make shortcuts or workarounds to have the computers render in time.

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