Sony Playstation VR headset - any good?


If you have been following our blog, or chatting to us of late, you will know that we have been investing a significant amount of research time into VR. The GearVR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all have their pros and cons, and the latest to be added to our list is the Playstation VR.

It is still early days with the PSVR, but initial thoughts's 'OK'. Just OK. The beauty of a games console like the XBox or the Playstation is that you switch it on and it's up and running - and relatively cable-free - in next to no time. However, adding the PSVR headset to the console turns the studio/your living room into a tangle of cables and wires. No longer can you simply chuck the controller in a drawer and forget about it until the next time. Now you must gather up the long, sinuous umbilical cord (and equally tanglesome headphone cable) and fight with it until you can shove it into the console cupboard out of harms way. It is quite a mess. The headset itself is also quite big, and certainly on my face, the fit isn't quite as good as the Rift or the Vive.

Also, compared to the Vive, the resolution just isn't as good. You can see a distracting, fine grain across the image that you just don't see/notice as much with the Vive.

I think once more content is released for the PSVR, things will start to improve. For now though, well...let's just say that the jury is still out.

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