The Grand Hotel: CGI vs Reality

The Grand Hotel Birmingham

An email popped into our inbox just recently from our friends at Hortons' Estate. They kindly sent us a photograph - taken this month - of The Grand Hotel in Birmingham.

This was a project we were involved with a few years ago for which we created a 3D model and a number of CGIs and photomontages to help in the promotion and planning of the historic building. At the time we were brought in, the facades of the building were covered in scaffolding (and had been for many years) and the roof was in a state of disrepair. Blink Image recreated a computer model of the building from a selection of historic photos and partial elevations. It was quite a challenge, and the nature of this style of architecture resulted in a highly complex, detailed model.

Several CGIs were created, and interestingly, the photo emailed by Hortons' Estate is taken from a very similar vantage point as one of these images. The montage above shows our CGI on the left and the photo of the completed building on the right. There are a few differences, but considering we were working from a mixture of aged photographs and drawings, I think the result was pretty accurate.

Many thanks to Hortons' Estates for this and also to the architects, Berman Guedes Stretton with whom we worked closely.

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