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super moon

The moon is something we are all familiar with yet it has rarely featured in our CGIs. In the back of my head, I thought we had used it on quite a few occasions, but scanning over our last couple of year's output - many of which are dusk images - I can't find many instances at all. Possibly this is because the result can look a bit clichéd or cheesy (pardon the pun). Conversely, the film industry - particularly fantasy and kids animations - often use the moon in a very exaggerated way, making it appear many times bigger that it would actually be.

Here is one of our images where we were a bit more subtle with the moon. We shot the rooftop panoramic photography in this project after arranging access late one evening: I recall it was quite tricky as there were quite a few areas under scaffolding at the time. Our Photoshop skills were certainly tested in 'reconstructing' the context.

The moon in this photo, whilst partial, has it's full disc visible against the clear evening sky. This is due to 'Earth Shine' (light reflected off the Earth that illuminates the darker areas of the moon).

London moonlit roof terrace

Tonight is a Supermoon, and the moon will appear the largest it has been for around 69 years. This is due to the moon being closest to us (221,525 miles) for almost a lifetime. It is best to view the moon whilst it is lower in the sky for full effect, as the size is 'exaggerated' by comparison with familiar horizon objects, like trees or buildings.

I will certainly be in the garden this evening with my camera to see this with my own eyes: fingers crossed on clear skies!

CGI created for Duklease.

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