Dr Strange & Roller coasters

Dr Strange and Roller Coasters

Blink Image attended BlueGFX's Expo16 yesterday on Coin Street. It was a full on day with plenty to learn and discuss with the various presenters...and just a couple of beers afterwards (honest!).

The range of topics covered included real time render engines, VR (of course!), the latest plug-ins, the latest improvements in a number of software packages that we make use of (After Effects, 3dsMax, VRay etc), various networked rendering solutions amd cutting edge pieces of hardware.

A couple of noteworthy talks were from Simon Reveley at Figment Productions who presented their use of VR in roller coasters and Alexis Wajsbrot of Framestore who presented some of the breakdowns of effects shots in the recent film, Dr Strange. I believe BlueGFX filmed the event, so I'd recommend wathing these two talks if the opportunity arises - really amazing stuff!

It was great to see a couple of old friends that we hadn't seen since Siggraph in 2007! Hopefully we'll catch up at the next 3DsLondon event.

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