Awesome Google Earth VR

Another day, another VR experience. Google have released their Google Earth VR and in a word, it's 'awesome'!.

We all know and probably use Google Maps and Google Earth. It's amazing technology right at your fingertips. It is a genuinely useful tool for exploring sites before a photo shoot so that we can establish potential issues with access, or even get a feeling of the type of photograph that might work well for a particular architectural visualisation composition.

Google Earth VR takes this but puts it on an entirely other level. After donning the HTC Vive headset, the user is plunged into Google Earth and is able to fly, walk and teleport to anywhere in the world in an instant.

One moment you are a giant stood next to Big Ben surveying Westminster Abbey and the surrounding areas. The next moment you are on the edge of Central Park in New York looking at 432 Park Avenue and gasping at the view you would have from one of these luxury apartments!

Point at the sun in the sky and you can drag it - in real time - to any time of the day. God-like control at your fingertips.

What Google Earth VR gives the user is a completely new way to perceive the world around us. Ultimately it puts into perspective the relationship between spaces in our environment and understand the complexity of our urban creations and the beauty of our natural environments.

It is very hard to put into words just how how fantastic Google Earth VR is! I have uploaded a screen capture of the screen of our VR Lab, but this is a poor substitute for wearing the headset and being entirely consumed in our planet.

Blink Image are planning a Virtual Reality Open Day in the first quarter of 2017 where our clients can come and experience VR for themselves.

Watch this space for details...


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