St Edward's School 'Velodrome' given approval

Blink Image are happy to announce that a 'game-changing' scheme for St Edward's School in Oxford has been given the go ahead!

St Edward's School Exterior
St Edward's School Hall

Earlier this year, Blink Image were commissioned to create a number of images of TSH Architect's proposals for a new hall, library and classrooms at St Edward's School. We worked closely with the architects to ensure that every aspect of their design was portrayed as intended. In particular, TSH wanted to portray an 'atmospheric' style in the images and convey the warm, autumnal hues that were in the air at the time we shot the photography.

The school's warden, Stephen Jones, said: "We are thrilled the project has been approved, the buildings will be a fantastic addition to the school and the educational experience we can offer." (source The Oxford Times)

One challenge we faced was populating the interior of the hall with people as the client was keen to see a full assembly with the headmaster addressing the school. It was important to ensure that the people were arranged exactly like they would be in real life, and also that they were wearing the correct school uniforms - no easy task! To achieve this, we used a combination of 3D models and more traditional photographic enhancements for those people nearer to the camera. Several artistic techniques were employed to achieve the desired warm, filtered look.

Read more about the project on The Oxford Times website here:-

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