3500 Images!

Mozaic of 3500 images

For 'fun' I decided to try and find out how many images we have created over Blink Image's life time (now rapidly approaching 20 years). "This won't take long!" I naively thought.

Several hours later, I had calculated around 3500 images! Yes, Three thousand five hundred. My next quest was to somehow communicate that to the world. Sadly, creating a web gallery of all this work very soon looked impossible, so I instead turned to creating a mosaic using all these images as tiles to form a larger picture.

The image above is the result of that. To make it a more harmonious image, I have dropped all colours in favour of black and white. The entire image is around 100 megapixels.

Here are a couple of closeups:

Close up of Radcliffe Camera

College close up

Like I said, 'just for fun' ;-)

#mosaic #collage

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