Portraying a fantastic villa in the Cotswolds

When we saw the designs by one of our oldest clients Lee + Ross we knew this project was going to be special, and the spectacular site with panoramic views across the Cotswolds only confirmed it.

Great architecture doesn't (unfortunately!) guarantee great images however. Having witnessed time and again the grave injustice of bad, yet believable, CGIs badly mis-selling good design, and the consequences that follow, we take our role in communicating the quality of architecture very seriously.

Once we had created our computer model of the scheme, we used this initially to explore with client Lewis Property the shots which we felt best captured the scheme’s qualities of space and light and it’s relationship to the surrounding landscape. It was decided to take forward four shots - a main exterior, a detail exterior showing how the scheme sits within the landscape, and two interior shots exploring the principle living spaces.

For the exteriors we created a highly detailed soft landscaping model to work seamlessly with our photography of the site . This gave us the control to create two versions of the main exterior showing how the scheme’s character changes with the seasons.

Key to the success of the interior shots was getting the fitout right. Without a design in place it often falls to us to design a scheme for the spaces we visualise and we drew on our architectural backgrounds and years of experience working on high end schemes to create carefully considered interior fitouts for the scheme. Each furniture piece, lighting fixture, rug and ornament was chosen to work in harmony with the architecture and the composition of each shot, and to emphasise the scheme’s potential as a desirable place to live and play.

Hopefully the resulting images speak for themselves.

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