The importance of storyboarding


Blink Image are deep in the design and production of an exciting film project to show possible transport solutions for cities over the next 20-30 years. The project is complex with many important points that need to be clearly communicated to a broad audience in an exciting, inspirational way.

A key part of this project - as with all film and animation projects (and, to a similar extent, even static image projects) - is storyboarding. Before any detailed 3D modelling, rendering or film work is shot, each and every scene is sketched out, sequenced and set out on a timeline. It is a flexible and organic process that can help the entire design team understand in an instant the order of shots and the sort of content we will be delivering. As physical 'cards', the story can be edited by simply re-arranging them and inserting extra scenes where necessary.

Once the overall storyboard is agreed upon, the cards can be broken down into 'shot lists' so that each shot can be discussed in more detail. Blink Image then go through a technical breakdown of each shot to work out the best way to pull off the shot: for example, we decide whether it is a film shot, a photomontage, an animated or motion graphics sequence.

Simultaneously, we scan each card and place on a timeline so that we can fine tune timings and pace, source or commission a soundtrack and begin the creation of annotation and voiceover that can run in time with the film. As each shot is created, we replace the sketch cards in this timeline until we have covered every aspect.

Grading and colour corrections are then applied to the edit and the film is output to the various required standards (web, HD, mp4 etc).

Without a solid storyboard, this process would soon fall into chaos and confusion. It is crucial to the way in which Blink Image attack each and every project and something you should consider when commissioning your next architectural film. If you'd like to discuss a potential project, please get in touch.

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