Shoot your photos before the leaves are gone!

Blustery skies

A good proportion of our work is in creating accurate computer generated images for supporting planning applications. These come in a number of forms, but often include photography to show how your proposed development sits into it's environment. The scheme might be urban or more rural, but often, the screening offered by existing foliage - tree lines or hedgerows - can be an important factor on what can and can't be seen.

As autumn is almost upon us, the leaves will obviously fall very soon. Each gust of wind could reveal a bit more than you would necessarily like!

If you have a development that is likely to need planning images (verified views, AVRs, VVM etc), it might be worth commissioning the photography sooner rather than later, even if the scheme isn't yet finalised. We can always drop the scheme in once there is a design freeze.

It could be an important consideration for eye level photography, but often even more so with elevated photography from a drone, mast or balloon that may reveal many more trees and general greenery than a ground level shot ever could.

It is not only planning shots where the mitigating effects of full foliage are of benefit. Marketing shots too are often preferred when set within a verdant summer context (though we love to create atmospheric shots at different times of the year, where beautiful autumnal colours can soften any building project).

Either way, if there are schemes that require photography, consider commissioning this now, either from your usual suppliers, or using our own professional photography and video services. We cover all levels, from ground level to mast, drone, balloon and plane.

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