Autumn tones

Out with my camera over the weekend, I was trying to capture some of the beautiful autumn colours that fill our landscapes (both urban and rural) at this time of year. On the outskirts of Oxford, not far from where I live, is an area of wild - and for Oxford at least - quite hilly terrain called Shotover Park.

Fallen crabapples

The leaves are beginning to fall, and the ground is full of apples and toadstools that are increasingly abundant at this time of year. The quality of dappled, warm light filtered through the leaves enhances a sense of calm. Shooting photography like this is really helpful to our team in seeing the quality of light that we can try to emulate through our images and animation.


For the past couple of years, I have posted about how using the tones of autumn can add a softness to CGIs. Direct, intense sunlight can often yield harsh results - sometimes required, but often to be improved upon by thinking a little more 'artistically'. More often than not, we are tasked with creating marketing images in the height of summer with cloudless blue skies (a rare thing in England!). However, when we go through our early mooydboarding and lighting studies, we often suggest, or at least give the option for going for a warmer set of hues that you might find in autumn. Storyboarding images in the way is a really important way for us to explore options other than the obvious, and helps our clients assess alternatives effectively.

Something to think about with your next commissioned CGI.

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