Distance haze and atmosphere

Out on a park tonight on a beautiful September evening. There is a tangible quality in the air. A hanging dampness and the rapidly cooling temperature, and a softness of the evening light give a distance haze across the whole landscape.

A quick snap on my iPhone highlights these qualities:

distance haze and depth perception

You can see the difference in saturation and contrast from the foreground elements to the distant tree line. The near tree on the right is very deep and dark. The grass is separated into two zones that, along with the disappearing hand rail, suggest two different levels in the park. These are just a couple of the many cues that help in our depth perception.

With our CGIs we often simulate these same qualities (using z depth passes, or manual painting techniques) to enhance the depth and scale of a development. We can also creatively use these ideas to add focus, or separate different elements that without modification can blend into one mass.

It’s great to reinforce our in-house techniques with real life examples.

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