VR at Curzon cinema

Plush VR

Being big fans of film, we don't need much arm twisting to go to the cinema. However, this was a 'study' trip! Our local Curzon (in the fantastic new Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford) has a VR Cinema: of course we wanted to give it a whirl!

Each viewer had a choice of experiences, from nature (chosen by me) to horror (chosen by Laura) to animation (chosen by Greg and Dan). Opinions were mixed, but it certainly creates a talking point. The systems were based around the GearVR headset and comprised of 360-degree videos, some film and some computer generated.

Of course, our field is largely architectural visualisation, but it really is exciting to see how these new technologies are being picked up used by other types of industries. As the phone in your pocket becomes even more powerful, who knows where this could lead?

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