4600 acres!

I posted an image last week that represented a rough figure given by Feasibility Limited of 92 million square feet of warehouse space being required by 2024 to meet the growing demand for industrial buildings.

This sparked quite a bit of interest.

Alex Reynolds pointed out further fascinating numbers off the back of this post (cheers Alex):

Shed developers can deliver around 18-20k sqft of 'shed' to each acre of development land.

Though the building requirement is 92m sqft (represented by the gold square below), the land requirement for that area is closer to 4600 acres - represented by the pink square.

That's quite a chunk of land!

Facts and figures mean more to some people than to others: one person might easily 'picture' how big 92m sqft is. Another person (like me!) would struggle.

'Visually' representing information is more effective to wider audiences. It could be the way you represent the 'quality' of your buildings. The 'beauty' of its landscapes. The 'importance' you place on sustainability. The 'emphasis' you place on good design...

Our films and CGIs ensure these crucial facts are obvious to everyone.

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