Dangers of empty spaces

Super cheesy graphics, but this clip is simply intended to make a quick point about 'spicing up' interior spaces to increase their perceived - or their actual - value.

As designers, we can be presented with an empty space and see potential with relative ease.

However, if you are presenting a vacant unit (or a yet-to-be-built commercial space) to a prospective tenant, can you be sure they are seeing the full potential? Do they have a designers eye to realise how the space might work for them...or get them excited?

We regularly create these sorts of visuals for our clients. We don't need detailed specification or interior designer's moodboards. Just a general suggestion of what you have in mind: a funky Soho vibe; a trendy bar; a modern co-worker space...

We can take that simple suggestion and create these sorts of visuals for you. They help seal deals more quickly, and often with a higher value.

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