Don't throw up!

Don't throw up! This is a capture of the head movements of somebody viewing a recent set of 360 rendered images we created for Oriel College.

It is interesting because it really highlights just how we view our environment, rarely keeping still for more than a split second. To the person using the VR headset to view these spaces, these sorts of erratic movements feel quite normal.

Of course, in a virtual reality project like this, the user becomes the 'director'. When we create films and animations to be viewed normally on a screen, we become the director, but we would never dream of using these sorts of movements unless we wanted to give the audience a serious headache!

360 images and VR are a fantastic way to be immersed within a space and lead to a really deep understanding.

Architectural films (including animation, walkthrough, flythrough and motion graphics) allow more creative control and enable us to guide the audience to view what you want them to be looking at.

Each has it's benefits.

#architecturalvisualisation #VR #ar

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