How on earth do we explain this?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

A complex building with hugely varied use cases - how on earth do we explain this?

Prologis UK have a really interesting site: Prologis Bow Yard. It is a mix of building types, sizes and ages - from Victorian to 1930s. The site is being refurbished. Architect credit to Michael Sparks Associates

This isn't going to be the usual: "Here's a big building, now come and fill it with all your stuff".


This is a building - or collection of buildings - that can cater to a great many users: from last-mile logistics to co-worker space, light manufacturing to film studio, e-fulfilment to business start-ups and design studios. It will include a gym, a café, a rooftop bar...

Like a small town in one, high density site. What a cool place to run a business from.

The problem was communicating this 'coolness' to the cool audience Prologis want to attract.

We created a storyboard that did just this. We swept away the cobwebs (literally), and - cut with a funky beat - showed how these amazing buildings are going to be transformed into a dynamic, ideally located, urban hub.

Now the message is clear. The 2 minute film instantly communicates what Prologis will deliver and cuts through lengthy descriptions, paperwork and drawings.

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