How the hell are we going to do this?

This is The Grand in Birmingham. Several years ago, it was a wreck. Major roof and structural failures left the building unsafe, unused and unloved.

Hortons' Estate Ltd, with their architects Berman Guedes Stretton, took up the challenge to bring this building back to life.

Our task was to create a series of publicity images for the scheme; to show what was hidden beneath all the scaffolding and mess.

The big challenge was that although we knew it was an intricate building with fine detailing, there were few detailed drawings of the facades. We sourced historical photographs showing how the building looked back in its hay day in the late 1800s. Our extremely detailed 3D model was based upon these historical photographs.

We created a selection of images to help generate excitement and buzz whilst years of construction and design work were undertaken.

Soon to reopen, we can't wait to visit and compare our CGIs with the reality.

On the left is the state of the building when we turned up to photograph. On the right is one of the CGIs we created.

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