Persuasive CGI

1) What are 'persuasive' CGIs, 2) why would you want them and 3) how do you get them?

1) A persuasive CGI goes beyond simply showing what a building looks like.

2) If you want to persuade your audience to move into a building, invest in your development, or give you the planning decision you need, you need to think from their point of view.

a) To attract an occupier, you need to show them an aspirational image with businesses aligned with where they want to be.

b) Investment partners need to be convinced that your development is premium to maximise a return.

c) Local residents need to be assured that your development will bring benefits to the area, either jobs, or a well maintained, beautiful landscape.

3) How do you get them? Well, that's easy - come to us ;-) We've been developing our processes and honing our skills in persuasive imagery for the industrial sector since 1998!

But whether you decide to use us or not, be clear on what you are trying to communicate and who you are trying to persuade. It will make your visual assets work far better for you.

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