Remote working bring us closer?

This pandemic is having some interesting side effects that are starting to surface.

Every month, there is a meetup in London for anybody who is connected to the architectural visualisation industry - businesses, individuals, students, designers, creatives etc. It is called 3dsLondon, and is an opportunity to have a 'geeky' chat to like-minded individuals about stuff that would drive my wife and family to tears!

Of course, the current situation means that these sorts of physical meetings are no longer possible but, undeterred, the organisers chose to host this month's session online. The fantastic side effect of this was that it opened up the London-focused network to the entire world, allowing people who would never be able to attend a meeting like this to feel an integral part of this creative community.

Well done to the organisers, and I hope you will continue this long after the pandemic is over.

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