We don't use sledgehammers to crack nuts. We would never suggest creating a fully immersive, photorealistic, live streaming, all singing, all dancing virtual reality experience for a toilet extension! We might, however, suggest an architectural film for a large distribution development project that needs to impress a larger audience.

We only suggest options that we think are valuable to you and will solve the problem that you face.

To that end, we have prepared a guide that offers insight into the various visual communication methods available to you, from CGIs through to augmented reality and VR. It lays out a definition, usefulness to both architects and property developers, and any pros or cons for each technique.

If you aren't sure what method might be best suited to your next project, it could give you a few pointers or even get your creative mind thinking about what you could do that is perhaps a bit different to what you have done before...

Strategic Visual Communication Tools - A
Download • 7.29MB

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