This was a tricky one.

This was a tricky one. Oxford Street in London - as you will no doubt know - is one hell of a busy street. It might not be everybody's favourite street, but it is world famous!

We were commissioned by Savills to create a CGI of an upmarket retail store that was coming onto the market.

There were a number of important points that the brief demanded:-

> it needed to be busy to show that the situation is prominent

> it needed to somehow show its proximity to Selfridges...even though it was on the opposite side of the road

> it needed to give an unobstructed view

> the building needed to be clean (it was old and a bit tired)

We suggested this striking composition with the evening light streaming straight towards the camera. This allowed us to frame the grandeur of Selfridges in the shot, so that the new occupants would know they were in good company.

Of course, taking a photo like this is no easy feat with a constant stream of double-decker buses and a gazillion people! This is actually a composite of around 20 different photos so that we could 'remove' traffic, street furniture and people that got in the way. Even the 'right sort' of shoppers were added with upmarket shopping bags to reinforce the message.