What stops a CGI being rubbish?

What stops a CGI being rubbish? They can be expensive* things after all.

But often, the final image just looks a bit...well...shall we say 'unflattering' to your development.

This image of a horse regularly gets sent around our studio as a bit of fun - usually for an image that is still being worked on so there are missing bits, or unresolved areas. It creates a giggle!

But how do we prevent images just looking a bit naff? Well, every company is different of course, so I can't speak for everyone. But for us, we discuss each and every image we create at length. We ask questions like: "What is this image actually for?", or "What problem is it trying to solve?", or "What would make this building a great place to live/work/explore?".

These questions are asked internally to build and develop our own skills, but also - critically - we ask them of our clients. The images (or films) are, after all, commissioned to help them: to get a positive planning decision; to get a tenant on board; to explain a complex design idea etc. Our clients know why they need the images, and we use our wealth of experience to interpret their needs visually.

*future article coming on this very subject!

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